Experimental modeling of silicate and carbonate sulfidation under lithospheric mantle P,T-parameters

Evgeniy Zdrokov, Ivan Novoselov, Yuliya Bataleva, Yuri Borzdov, Yuri Palyanov

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Interactions of mantle silicates with subducted carbonates, sulfides, and sulfur-rich fluids are experimentally simulated in the olivine-ankerite-sulfur and olivine-ankerite-pyrite systems using a multi-anvil high-pressure split-sphere apparatus at 6.3 GPa and range of 1050-1550 °C. Recrystallization of Fe,Ni-bearing olivine and ankerite in a sulfur melt was found to be accompanied by sulfidation of olivine and carbonate, involving partial extraction of metals, carbon, and oxygen into the melt, followed by the formation of pyrite (±pyrrhotite), diopside, and Fe-free carbonates. The main features of metasomatic alteration of Fe,Ni-olivine by a reduced sulfur fluid include: (i) a zonal structure of crystals (Fe-rich core, Mg-rich rim); (ii) inclusions of pyrite and pyrrhotite in olivine; (iii) certain Raman spectral characteristics of olivine. At T > 1350 °C, two immiscible melts, a predominantly sulfur melt with dissolved components (or a Fe-Ni-S-O melt) and a predominantly carbonate one, are generated. The redox interaction of these melts leads to the formation of metastable graphite (1350-1550 °C) and diamond growth (1550 °C). The studied olivine-ankerite-sulfur and olivine-ankerite-pyrite interactions may be considered as the basis for simulation of metasomatic processes accompanied by the formation of mantle sulfides during subduction of crustal material to the silicate mantle.

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