Experience in Continuous Neurobiocontrol Using fMRI Signals from the Primary Motor Cortex Using a 1.5-T MR Tomograph

M. E. Mel’nikov, A. A. Savelov, M. B. Shtark, M. A. Pokrovskii, E. D. Petrovskii, L. I. Kozlova, K. G. Mazhirina, D. D. Bezmaternykh

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Biocontrol based on fMRI signals from the motor area of the cortex is a potential approach to restoring motor functions in poststroke states and Parkinson’s disease. The region of interest in most studies is in the secondary motor areas and the strength of the magnetic field is 3 T. We report here our studies on biocontrol using the fMRI signal from an area of the primary motor cortex associated with the operation of the right hand obtained using a 1.5-T tomograph and settings optimal for obtaining optimal images at this magnetic field strength. Subjects were 16 healthy subjects who took part in 30-min fMRI recording including 1) individual localization of the region of interest (rhythmic fist clenching test) and attempts to control its activity using 2) imaginary movements and 3) any cognitive strategy of the participant’s choice. Attempts to carry out self-control in both cases led to activation of the precentral, anterior cingulate, superior frontal, and inferior parietal gyri and Brodmann zone 6. fMRI signal maps for these tasks did not show any statistically significant differences and the activation zones showed little if any overlap with the region of interest, evidencing lack of success of sessions. The limitations of the experiments are discussed, as are factors with adverse influences on the effectiveness of biocontrol.

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Страницы (с-по)474-482
Число страниц9
ЖурналNeuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
Номер выпуска4
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 мая 2018


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