Existence of entropy measure-valued solutions for forward-backward p-parabolic equations

Stanislav N. Antontsev, Ivan V. Kuznetsov

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In this paper we have proved that the Dirichlet problem for the forward-backward p-parabolic equation has an entropy measurevalued solution which has been obtained as a singular limit of weak solutions and their gradients to the Dirichlet problem for the elliptic equation containing the anisotropic (p, 2)-Laplace operator. In order to guarantee the existence of entropy measure-valued solutions, the initial and final conditions should be formulated in the form of integral inequalities. This means that an entropy measure-valued solution can deviate from both initial and final data on the boundary. Moreover, a gradient Young measure appears in the representation of an entropy measurevalued solution. The uniqueness of entropy measure-valued solutions is still an open question.

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ЖурналSiberian Electronic Mathematical Reports
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