Excavations at Darvagchay-Zaliv-4: An Early Paleolithic Site in Dagestan

A. P. Derevianko, A. G. Rybalko, V. N. Zenin, T. A. Yanina

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This article outlines the results of multidisciplinary studies at Darvagchay-Zaliv-4 an Early Paleolithic site in northeastern Caucasus. FP focus on lithics, which we compare with those from key Early Paleolithic sites in Dagestan and other regions of Caucasus. Based on the totality of typological and technological criteria, the industry is Acheulean and is characterized by the scarcity of distinct core-shaped forms and tools. The few functional types include side-scraper forms, bets, notched and combined pieces. The most salient specimens are pebble tools (choppers) and bifacial tools such as handaxes and picks. Technologically, all specimens are very uniform and may be viewed as representing several camps, whose inhabitants practiced one and the same tradition. This might have been a workshop that was visited .several times. The analysis of malacofauna and paleomagnetic analysis suggest that the site dates to 0.4-0.3 Ma BP MIS 11-9).

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