Evidence-based interventions for ASD: A focus on applied behavior analysis (ABA) interventions

E. L. Grigorenko, S. Torres, E. I. Lebedeva, Y. A. Bondar

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Given the explosion in published psychological and educational interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) over the past several years, this review highlights the latest trends for children with complex learning and developmental needs. Recent efforts in intervention research focus on meeting standards of scientific evidence and emphasize the importance of strict adherence to the principles of high quality research and evidence-based practice. According to recent systematic reviews, all evidence-based comprehensive intervention programs for children with ASD are based to some extent on the scientific discipline of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Such intensive behavioral interventions have the power to improve the trajectory of development of a child with ASD. In particular, meta-analytical studies have demonstrated substantial improvement in IQ scores and adaptive behavior in children receiving early intensive ABA-based comprehensive interventions. Moreover, the majority of evidence-based focused interventions for ASD are either ABA-based or are included in ABA-based comprehensive intervention programs. There is a growing interest in modular interventions, which allow a high-degree of individualization for each child with ASD, while meeting the standards of evidence-based practice. An uptick in the number of rigorous evaluations of different interventions conducted in real-world settings with outcomes focused on core deficits in ASD augurs well for wide dissemination and implementation by qualified nonspecialists in the community.

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ЖурналPsychology, Journal of the Higher School of Economics
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