(Figure presented.)Figure 1. Corrected figure 10. The combined fit projections of the ηcη invariant mass distributions in case of the η→γ γ(left) and η→ π+π-π0 (right) modes corresponding to the search for the X(3915) resonance. (Figure presented.) Figure 2. Corrected figure 11. The ηcπ0 invariant mass distribution corresponding to the search for the X(3915) resonance. We have found an error in the fit of the ηcη and ηcπ0 invariant masses that is used to search for the X(3915) state. The corrected fits are shown in figures 1 and 2. The resonance parameters are fixed to the world average values (3918 MeV/c2 and 20 MeV/c2 for mass and width correspondingly). The fit results are summarized in table 1. Changes in the fits of the X(3915) resonance lead to changes of the corresponding upper limits. The corrected upper limits on the X(3915) production and decay branching fraction products are summarized in table 2. All other results of the paper are correct. (Table presented.) Table 2. Corrected entry of table 8. Results of branching fraction measurements for the B decays containing intermediate X(3915).

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