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The measurement of the differential cross-section as a function of (Formula Presented.) was incorrectly reported in the paper [1], due to an incorrect propagation of the efficiency values in the final analysis. In this erratum, all tables and figures that need to be corrected are reported, with identical numbering and captions to those in the orginial paper. In figure 2, only the data points are changed. In figure 9, the results of templated double parton scattering (DPS) fit for (Formula Presented.)(the left column) are changed. In table 3, the percentages of the DPS component determined with (Formula Presented.) (the first row) are changed. In table 4, the (Formula Presented.) values from the DPS fits for (Formula Presented.) (the first row) are changed. As a result, the values of (Formula Presented.) for the models considered in the analysis are between 8:8 and 12:5mb, instead of 10:0 and 12:5mb. None of these changes affect the interpretation of the results and the conclusions.

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