Erbium mixed-ligand β-diketiminato-diamido complex: Unusual structure of diamide ligand

Svetlana V. Klementyeva, Pavel A. Petrov, Alyona A. Starikova, Sergey N. Konchenko

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A novel mixed-ligand erbium complex [(NacNac)ErL(THF)] (1) containing two types of sterically hindered ligands-monoanionic N-mesityl substituted b-diketiminate (NacNac= (MesN-C(Me)CHC(Me)-NMes)-, Mes=2,4,6-Me3C6H2) and dianionic modified diamide ligand with mesityls as the N-aryl substituents (L=(MesN-C(H)(Me)-C(=CH2)-NMes)2-)-was isolated from the salt metathesis reaction of [(NacNac)Er(THF)2] with potassium salt of doubly reduced diazabutadiene K2(DADMes2-) (DAD-Mes=MesN=C(Me)-C(Me)=NMes) prepared in situ. A solid-state structure of 1 was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and revealed unusual asymmetrical diamide ligand with sp3-and sp2-hybridized carbon backbone atoms and exometallacyclic double carbon-carbon bond. In spite of the energy preference of symmetrical form of diamide ligand Lsym (Lsym=(MesN-C(Me)=C(Me)-NMes)2-) calculated by DFT asymmetrical form L was found as minor product in the mixture of dipotassium salts obtained by reduction of DAD-Mes.

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