Epidemiology and comorbidity of arterial hypertension and gallstone disease

I. N. Grigorieva, Yu I. Ragino, T. I. Romanova

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The review presents current data on the Arterial Hypertension (AH) and Gallstone Disease (GSD) prevalence. The heterogeneity of the relationship between cardiovascular diseases, AH and GSD was shown. According to our data, in Novosibirsk, in the population sample of women 25-64 years with/without GSD (n=870) prevalence of AH (criteria blood pressure (BP) ≥160/95, WHO MONICA project, 1994-1995) was 41,6% and 31,3%, p<0,05. In this female population as a whole (n=1663) prevalence of AH was 30,8%. But with the criteria of BP ≥140/90, the corresponding indicators of prevalence of AH were similar: 55,4%, 47,1% and 49,0%. The evidence of the association between the GSD and the carotid arteries intima-media thickness, as atherosclerosis marker, is presented, and the main mechanisms of development of AH in GSD are highlighted. Gastroenterological symptoms, BP, blood lipids, quality of life were compared, which were worse in comorbid patients with GSD and AH than in GSD or AH. The expediency of an active approach to the detection of GSD and AH in terms of their contribution to cardiovascular prognosis is shown.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Cardiology
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