Enumeration of Pentahexagonal Annuli in the Plane

Andrey A. Dobrynin, Vladimir R. Rosenfeld

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Pentahexagonal annuli are closed chains consisting of regular pentagons and hexagons. Such configurations can be easily recognized in various complex designs, in particular, in molecular carbon constructions. Results of computer enumeration of annuli without overlapping on the plane are presented for up to 18 pentagons and hexagons. We determine how many annuli have certain properties for a fixed number of pentagons. In particular, we consider symmetry, pentagon separation (the least ring-distance between pentagons), uniformity of pentagon distribution, and pentagonal thickness (the size of maximal connected part of pentagons) of annuli. Pictures of all annuli with the number of pentagons and hexagons up to 17 are presented (more than 1300 diagrams).

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