We demonstrate for the first time an electronically controlled realisation of markedly different generation regimes in a mode-locked all-fibre figure-eight (F8) Yb-doped laser. Electronic adjustment of the ratio of pumping powers of two amplification stages in a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror enables the establishment of stable pulse generation regimes with different degrees of coherence and control over their parameters within relatively broad limits, with the pulse duration range exceeding a factor of two in the picosecond domain for coherent and incoherent pulses, the energy range exceeding an order of magnitude for incoherent pulses (2.2-24.8 nJ) and over a factor of 8 for coherent pulses (1.9-16.2 nJ). Adjustment of the pumping powers allows one to maintain the duration of the coherent pulses and to set their peak power in the range of 32.5-292.5 W. The proposed configuration of electronic control over the radiation parameters of a mode-locked all-fibre F8 laser enables reproducible generation of pulses of different types with specified parameters within a broad range of values.

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ЖурналLaser Physics Letters
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