Electron transport and electric field simulations in two-phase detectors with THGEM electrodes

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One of the main features of two-phase detectors with electroluminescence (EL) gap being developed in our laboratory for dark matter search is the extensive use of THGEMs (Thick Gas Electron Multipliers). In various versions of the detector, the THGEMs are used as electrodes in the gas and liquid phases to form the drift, electron emission and EL regions, as well as for avalanche amplification of a signal in the gas phase. In this work the simulations of the electric field and electron transport through such THGEM electrodes were performed. In the liquid phase, these simulations allowed to determine the optimal parameters, such as the hole diameter of THGEM and applied voltage across it, that can provide effective transmission of the electrons from the drift region to that of the EL gap. In the gas phase, the effect of the THGHEM voltage on the electric field uniformity in the EL gap was studied.

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