Electromagnetically induced absorption scheme for vapor-cell atomic clock

Denis Brazhnikov, Stepan Ignatovich, Vladislav Vishnyakov, Rodolphe Boudot, Mikhail Skvortsov

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A dual-frequency light field scheme, composed of counterpropagating pump and probe light waves with equal circular polarizations and different intensities, is proposed for the detection of subnatural-linewidth electromagnetically induced absorption (EIA) resonances. In this scheme, the bright-type EIA resonance is obtained at fixed static magnetic field by tuning the frequency difference between both optical fields and can be used as a frequency reference in an atomic clock. Using a 5-mm long buffer-gas-filled Cs vapor cell, an EIA-based atomic clock with a short-term fractional frequency stability of 5.8 × 10−12 τ−1/2 until 20 s integration time is reported. These performances are found to be in correct agreement with the signal-to-noise/linewidth ratio of the resonance. The proposed EIA scheme can be considered as an alternative approach to the coherent population trapping (CPT) technique for the development of compact atomic clocks and sensors.

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ЖурналOptics Express
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