Efficacy evaluation of an active long-term medical management over a state of health of children with functional constipation

M. Y. Denisov, R. R. Kil'Diyarova, A. S. Yakushin, E. G. Sarycheva, O. N. Morozova

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    The objective. To evaluate efficiency of a complex long-term active medical management of children, that suffer FC, within 3 years from the time of diagnosis. Patients and methods. An observation was conducted to 76 from 1 070 children aged 1 to 15 years, which were suffering of FC. Patients were invited on a regular appointment with the doctor in 1 and 6 months, in the remaining dates (12-36 months) an active telephone survey was conducted. The following parameters were analyzed: The complience of the parents; the condition of the child's appetite, according to the visual analog scale; the character of the stool, valued by the Bristol stool scale; regularity of rehabilitation activity after the first visit, including the use of drugs. Results. The combined electoral prevalence of FC was 7.1%, encopresis - 0.6% of the cases. During the first 6-12 months, a durable medical effect was achieved in 78.5% of patients. Subsequently, the therapeutic effect was decreased, parents lost their skills, and they refused to those or other required aspects of maintaining health. After 3 years, the part of recovered children was 67.9%, in other cases, constipation persisted into force subjective or objective circumstances, modeling the psychological and medical problems. Conclusion. Long-term active medical management and rehabilitation include psychological support, organization of nutrition, the activation of physical activities, the implement of regular defecation, drug therapy. The effectiveness of an active long-term medical management form of recovery was 67.9 % of cases.

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    ЖурналVoprosy Detskoi Dietologii
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