Effectiveness of different bnct-drugs injection methods

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The BNCT-drugs (BSH and BPA) toxicity for 8-10-week-old severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) male mice outbred with SPF-status was studied. The possibility of increasing BPA (L-p-boron phenylalanine) and BSH (sodium salt of borocaptate) therapeutic dose was shown. The relationship between a safe therapeutic dose and the administration method of BPA was found. The intraperitoneal injection allows one to increase the dose of BPA at least twice – 700 mg/kg b.w, BSH – at least 8 times, 800 mg/kg b.w with intraperitoneal injections. The BPA intraperitoneal and intratumoral injections demonstrate higher results in comparison with intravenous administration. The highest and statistically significant concentration of 10В in the tumor was found for intraperitoneal injection of BPA for intratumoral injection of BPA – 27±5 μg/g (heterotopic tumors, P=0.95). The highest tumor/blood ratio for BPA was 7.5 for intratumoral administration in the point of 1h (heterotopic tumors).
The maximum concentration of 10В with the introduction of BSH was with intravenous administration and was 8±3 μg/g (orthotopic tumors). The highest tumor/blood ratio was 9.5 for intravenous injection in 1h point (heterotopic tumors).
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