Effect of Titanium and Molybdenum Cover on the Surface Restructuration of Diamond Single Crystal during Annealing

Alexander V Okotrub, Olga V Sedelnikova, Dmitriy V Gorodetskiy, Anastasiya D Fedorenko, Igor P Asanov, Yury N Palyanov, Alina V Lapega, Olga A Gurova, Lyubov G Bulusheva

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Diamond is an important material for electrical and electronic devices. Because the diamond is in contact with the metal in these applications, it becomes necessary to study the metal-diamond interaction and the structure of the interface, in particular, at elevated temperatures. In this work, we study the interaction of the (100) and (111) surfaces of a synthetic diamond single crystal with spattered titanium and molybdenum films. Atomic force microscopy reveals a uniform coating of titanium and the formation of flattened molybdenum nanoparticles. A thin titanium film is completely oxidized upon contact with air and passes from the oxidized state to the carbide state upon annealing in an ultrahigh vacuum at 800 °C. Molybdenum interacts with the (111) diamond surface already at 500 °C, which leads to the carbidization of its nanoparticles and catalytic graphitization of the diamond surface. This process is much slower on the (100) diamond surface; sp2-hybridized carbon is formed on the diamond and the top of molybdenum carbide nanoparticles, only when the annealing temperature is raised to 800 °C. The conductivity of the resulting sample is improved when compared to the Ti-coated diamond substrates and the Mo-coated (111) substrate annealed at 800 °C. The presented results could be useful for the development of graphene-on-diamond electronics.

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СостояниеОпубликовано - 16 февр. 2023

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