Effect of preparation route on Sr2TiO4 catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane

Y. A. Ivanova, E. F. Sutormina, N. A. Rudina, A. V. Nartova, L. A. Isupova

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Four different preparation routes were used to synthesize Sr2TiO4 with the structure of layered perovskite: sol-precipitation (SP), co-precipitation (CO), citrate precursor (CT) and mechanochemical (MA) methods with further calcinations at 1100 °C. The XDR, XPS, BET, SEM techniques showed that the different preparation routes caused the formation of layered perovskite phase with different admixture phases, particle sizes and the surface enrichment with layered perovskite (for SP and MA samples) or strontium oxide (for CO and CT samples). The trend of increasing of CH4 conversion and C2-yield in oxidative coupling of methane at 800-900 °C was found to be the following: SP≈MA > CO > CT samples. The C2-yield of the most active catalysts was measured to be about 12%.

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ЖурналCatalysis Communications
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