Effect of laser radiation with 662 NM wave on the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro

D. A. Bredikhin, S. D. Nikonov, A. G. Cherednichenko, T. I. Petrenko, A. V. Ivanenko, M. M. Mirzoev

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goal of the study: to define the effect of various doses of laser radiation with 662 nm wave on the growth of M. tuberculosis in vitro Materials and methods. Samples of mycobacterial suspension of M. tuberculosis H37Rv were processed by monopositional light radiation (λ = 662 nm) in six dosing regimens varying in power and duration of the exposure to the light All samples of mycobacterial suspension of M. tuberculosis were inoculated on the solid nutritional media of Lowenstein-Jensen in triplets for each dose of the exposure to light Cultures were incubated under 37°С for 90 days with weekly inspection of samples results. Continuous irradiation by diffused laser with 662 nm wave provides the most expressed bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects against M. tuberculosis H37Rv under the density of the energy dose of 2345 and 7035 of J/sqcm Such a dose was obtained through 5 and 15-minute exposure respectively.

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