Effect of a Method for Introducing Palladium into Al2O3 Granules on Catalytic Properties and Activity in the Reaction of Deep Oxidation of Methane

N. Shikina, N. A. Rudina, A. Boronin, S. A. Yashnik, A. A. Moroz, E. P. Surovoy, Z. R. Ismagilov

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The effect of techniques for introducing Pd into gamma-Al2O3 from palladium chloride solutions on physicochemical and catalytic properties of PdO(Pd)/Al2O3 catalysts was examined. A series of catalysts were investigated by SEM, XPA, BET, XPS, and H-2-TPR. As shown, the use of various methods for introducing Pd into alumina granules enables control of active component distribution along the Al2O3 granule section. The localization of Pd in a catalyst grain determines the nature of the reduction in H 2-TPR and activity in the reaction of deep oxidation of methane, which is connected with a varying degree of the interaction of the active component with the support. The active component is demonstrated to be formed on the granule surface mainly as PdO when using the adsorption-deposition method followed by calcination at a temperature of 1000 degrees C ensuring high reactivity in the methane oxidation reaction.

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ЖурналChemistry for Sustainable Development
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