Diffusion of Rb atoms in paraffin-coated resonant vapor cells

Sergey N. Atutov, Fedor A. Benimetskiy, Alexander I. Plekhanov, Vladimir A. Sorokin, Alexander V. Yakovlev

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We present the results of a study of the diffusion of Rb atoms in paraffin-coatedresonant vapor cells. We have modeled the Rb diffusion both in the cell and in thecoating, assuming that the main loss of Rb atoms is due to the physical absorption of theatoms by the glass substrate. It is demonstrated that the equilibrium of atomic density inthe cell is a monotonic function of the thickness of the paraffin coating: the densityincreases with an increase in the thickness of the coating. The diffusion coefficient forrubidium in paraffin thin films has been determined to be equal to 5 × 10-7 cm2/s. The results of theexperiment might provide for a better understanding of the processes involved in theinteraction of alkali atoms with a paraffin coating and atomic diffusion in resonant vaporcells.

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ЖурналEuropean Physical Journal D
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 19 янв. 2017


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