Micro-pattern gas technology is planned for the upgrade of the tracking system of the CMD-3 detector at the VEPP-2000 electron-positron collider in Budker INP. The upgrade includes a new thin tracking cylinder that consists of two tracking layers at a radius of 32 to 33 cm with coordinate resolution close to 0.5 mm in z-direction (along the beam axis) and trigger segments of about 1 cm in the transverse plane. The other part of new coordinate subsystem includes two end-cap discs with active area between radius of 5 cm and 25 cm, that should provide spatial resolution close to 1 mm in both directions as well as the first level trigger signal. For these two subsystems we plan to use micro-RWELL technology because it allows much simpler assembling of large cylindrical detector and large discs due to more rigid glass-fiber support as compared to the triple GEM technology.

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