Data for isolation and properties analysis of diastereomers of a mono-substituted phosphoryl guanidine trideoxyribonucleotide

Alexander A. Lomzov, Maxim S. Kupryushkin, Andrey V. Shernyukov, Mikhail D. Nekrasov, Ilya S. Dovydenko, Dmitry A. Stetsenko, Dmitrii V. Pyshnyi

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This article presents new data on the properties of the diastereomers of a mono-substituted phosphoryl guanidine trideoxyribonucleotides d(TpCp*A) [1,2]. The data include information on isolation, identification, treatment with snake venom phosphodiesterase and structural analysis by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy and restrained molecular dynamics analysis. The data can be used for preparation, analysis, application of phosphoryl guanidine oligonucleotide and for development of new nucleic acids derivatives. This data article is associated with the manuscript titled “Diastereomers of a mono-substituted phosphoryl guanidine trideoxyribonucleotide: isolation and properties” [1].

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