CVD Graphene Transfer from Copper Substrate to Polymer

Ilya A. Kostogrud, Evgeniy V. Boyko, Dmitry V. Smovzh

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This work compares the methods of CVD-graphene transfer by hot pressing on a PET/EVA polymer and spin coating with dissolved PMMA polymer. Two variants of copper removal are considered: mechanical cleavage and chemical etching. The effect of these methods on transmittance and electrical resistance of graphene is investigated. It is shown that copper mechanical cleavage results in an increase in electrical resistance of graphene, which is associated with formation of additional defects in graphene. When PET/EVA polymer hot pressing is used, graphene is deformed due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficients. This also results in an increase in resistance of graphene.

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ЖурналMaterials Today: Proceedings
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