Crystal structure of a [CsK23-DMF)2(μ-DMF)3(DMF)4][{Re63-Se)8}Br6] cluster complex

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A cluster complex of the composition [CsK23-DMF)2(μ-DMF)3(DMF)4][{Re63-Se)8}Br6] is obtained by the reaction of K4[{Re63-Se)8}(OH)6]·8H2O with hydrobromic acid in the presence of CsBr and its subsequent crystallization by diethyl ether diffusion in a dimethylformamide solution. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic space group P1̅, with the following unit cell parameters: a = 13.6169(3) Å, b = 14.7584(4) Å, c = 18.1573(4) Å, α = 103.332(1)°, β = 108.250(1)°, γ = 97.371(1)°, V = 3286.55(14) Å3, Z = 2, dcalc = 3.130 g/cm3. The crystal structure is built of [{Re6Se8}Br6]3– anionic cluster complexes and complex [CsK23-DMF)2(μ-DMF)3(DMF)4]3+ cations.

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