Crystal structure and thermal properties of N,N′-(2,2-dimethylpropylene)-bis(acetylacetoneiminato)palladium(II)

S. A. Cherkasov, E. S. Vikulova, N. S. Nikolaeva, A. I. Smolentsev, N. B. Morozova

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[Pd(acacdmpda)] complex (1) is obtained for the first time by the interaction of [Pd(CH3CN)2Cl2], NaOH, and H2acacdmpda (acacdmpda = N,N′-(2,2-dimethylpropylene)-bis(acetylacetoneiminato-)) in acetonitrile. The compound is characterized by elemental analysis and IR spectroscopy; its structure is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Complex 1 has a molecular structure. The coordination environment of the Pd2+ cation is a distorted square formed by O and N atoms of the tetradentately coordinated acacdmpda2– ligand. The average Pd–O and Pd–N bond lengths are 1.998(4) Å and 2.016(4) Å respectively. The N–Pd–O chelate angles are 92.34(10)° and 91.73(9)°; the N–Pd–N angle is 95.52(10)°. The thermal properties of 1 are studied by thermogravimetry. The complex passes quantitatively into the gas phase in the temperature range 225-325 °С.

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ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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