Crystal structure and EPR spectra of (Bu4N)2[V(dmit)3]

Ya S. Fomenko, A. L. Gushchin, V. A. Nadolinny, P. A. Abramov, M. N. Sokolov

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The tris-chelate complex of vanadium(IV) (Bu4N)2[V(dmit)3] is prepared from VCl3 and (Bu4N)2[Zn(dmit)2] (dmit = isotrithionedithiolate C3S5 2–) and characterized by single crystal XRD and mass spectrometry. The complex crystallizes in the space group Pna21 and has a distorted octahedral environment of vanadium. The complex is paramagnetic and gives a characteristic EPR spectrum in both solution and solid phase. The g factors and hyperfine interaction constants are determined.

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ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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