Cowpox in a human, Russia, 2015

A. Y. Popova, R. A. Maksyutov, O. S. Taranov, T. V. Tregubchak, A. V. Zaikovskaya, A. A. Sergeev, I. V. Vlashchenko, S. A. Bodnev, V. A. Ternovoi, N. S. Alexandrova, A. L. Tarasov, N. V. Konovalova, A. A. Koroleva, L. E. Bulychev, O. V. Pyankov, Y. V. Demina, A. P. Agafonov, S. N. Shchelkunov, V. N. Miheev

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We investigated the first laboratory-confirmed human case of cowpox virus infection in Russia since 1991. Phylogenetic studies of haemagglutinin, TNF-α receptor-like protein and thymidine kinase regions showed significant differences with known orthopoxviruses, including unique amino-acid substitutions and deletions. The described cowpox virus strain, taking into account differences, is genetically closely related to strains isolated years ago in the same geographical region (European part of Russia and Finland), which suggests circulation of viral strains with common origin in wild rodents without spread over long distances and appearance in other parts of the world.

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ЖурналEpidemiology and Infection
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