Correlation of metabolic profiles of plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of high-grade glioma patients

A. D. Rogachev, N. A. Alemasov, V. A. Ivanisenko, N. V. Ivanisenko, E. V. Gaisler, O. S. Oleshko, S. V. Cheresiz, S. V. Mishinov, V. V. Stupak, A. G. Pokrovsky

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This work compares the metabolic profiles of plasma and the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of the patients with high-grade (III and IV) gliomas and the conditionally healthy controls using the wide-range targeted screening of low molecular metabolites by HPLC-MS/MS. The obtained data were analyzed using robust linear regression with Huber’s M-estimates, and a number of metabolites with correlated content in plasma and CSF was identified. The statistical analysis shows a significant correlation of metabolite content in plasma and CSF samples for the majority of metabolites. Several metabolites were shown to have high correlation in the control samples, but not in the glioma patients. This can be due to the specific metabolic processes in the glioma patients or to the damaged integrity of blood-brain barrier. The results of our study may be useful for the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying the development of gliomas, as well as for the search of potential biomarkers for the minimally invasive diagnostic procedures of gliomas.

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