Coordination Polymers of γ,γ'-Dipyridyl and Mononuclear Benzoates M(OOCPh)2[O(H)Me]4 (M = Ni, Co)

R. R. Datchuk, A. A. Grineva, M. A. Uvarova, I. A. Yakushev, Ya V. Zubavichus, S. E. Nefedov

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The slow diffusion of a γ,γ′-dipyridyl adduct solution in methanol into a methanol solution of the adduct M[(OOCPh]2[O(H)Me]4 (1) at the reagent ratio 1 : 1 and room temperature was found to result in the 1D coordination polymers {dipyM(OOCPh)2[O(H)Me]2}n (M = Ni (2), green; Co (3), orange) and {(dipy)2Co2(µ-OOCPh)22-OOCPh)2 ⋅ MeOH}n (4), pink). Orange polymer 3 was the only product when the initial reagents were diluted three times, and their diffusion was performed at 5°C. Synthesized polymers 2–4 were studied by chemical and X-ray diffraction analyses and IR spectroscopy.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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