Convergecast with Unbounded Number of Channels

Roman Plotnikov, Adil Erzin, Vyacheslav Zalyubovskiy

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We consider a problem of minimum length scheduling for the conflict-free aggregation convergecast in wireless networks in a case when each element of a network uses its own frequency channel. This problem is equivalent to the well-known NP-hard problem of telephone broadcasting since only the conflicts between the children of the same parent are taken into account. We propose a new integer programming formulation and compare it with the known one by running the CPLEX software package. Based on the results of a numerical experiment, we concluded that our formulation is more preferable in practice to solve the considered problem by CPLEX than the known one. We also propose a novel heuristic algorithm, which is based on a genetic algorithm and a local search metaheuristic. The simulation results demonstrate the high quality of the proposed algorithm compared to the best known approaches.

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СостояниеОпубликовано - 4 окт. 2017


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