Consolidating WLCG topology and configuration in the Computing Resource Information Catalogue

Maria Alandes, Julia Andreeva, Alexey Anisenkov, Giuseppe Bagliesi, Stephano Belforte, Simone Campana, Maria Dimou, Jose Flix, Alessandra Forti, A. Di Girolamo, Edward Karavakis, Stephan Lammel, Maarten Litmaath, Andrea Sciaba, Andrea Valassi

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The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid infrastructure links about 200 participating computing centres affiliated with several partner projects. It is built by integrating heterogeneous computer and storage resources in diverse data centres all over the world and provides CPU and storage capacity to the LHC experiments to perform data processing and physics analysis. In order to be used by the experiments, these distributed resources should be well described, which implies easy service discovery and detailed description of service configuration. Currently this information is scattered over multiple generic information sources like GOCDB, OIM, BDII and experiment-specific information systems. Such a model does not allow to validate topology and configuration information easily. Moreover, information in various sources is not always consistent. Finally, the evolution of computing technologies introduces new challenges. Experiments are more and more relying on opportunistic resources, which by their nature are more dynamic and should also be well described in the WLCG information system. This contribution describes the new WLCG configuration service CRIC (Computing Resource Information Catalogue) which collects information from various information providers, performs validation and provides a consistent set of UIs and APIs to the LHC VOs for service discovery and usage configuration. The main requirements for CRIC are simplicity, agility and robustness. CRIC should be able to be quickly adapted to new types of computing resources, new information sources, and allow for new data structures to be implemented easily following the evolution of the computing models and operations of the experiments.

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Номер статьи092042
ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 23 нояб. 2017


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