Complete genome sequences of the first parechoviruses A associated with sporadic pediatric acute gastroenteritis in Russia

E. Zhirakovskaia, A. Tikunov, I. Babkin, N. Tikunova

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Parechovirus (the Picornaviridae family), recently classified as Parechovirus A and formerly known as Human parechovirus (HPeV), can cause a wide range of human diseases. Over the past decade, several studies have reported HPeV epidemiology in different regions; however, information from Russia is limited. A total of 632 stool samples collected in Novosibirsk, Russia during January–March 2012 were screened for HPeV by RT-PCR. The study cohort comprised 572 patients with acute gastroenteritis and 60 healthy children. Seven of 572 (1.2%) gastroenteritis cases were HPeV-positive, including one co-infection with rotavirus and astrovirus. All positive patients were ≤1 year old, and five of them were younger than 3 months. None of the healthy controls provided an HPeV-positive sample. Six HPeV isolates were classified as HPeV-1 and one as HPeV-5 using phylogenetic analysis. Two complete genome sequences of HPeV-1 and one of HPeV-5 were determined and analyzed. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the studied Russian strains are probably recombinants. P1 region sequences of two Russian HPeV-1 strains clustered with rare contemporary HPeV-1A strains, whereas their P3 regions were phylogenetically closer to the archival Harris strain. The Russian HPeV-5 strain formed a common cluster with other HPeV-5 strains only for the P1 region, while the P3 region grouped with the German HPeV-2 strain. In the Russian HPeV-5 strain, the lack of the arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) motif at the C-terminus of VP1 was observed. This is the first complete genome characterization of the Russian HPeV strains detected in sporadic cases of pediatric acute gastroenteritis.

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