Comparison of genome architecture at two stages of male germline cell differentiation in Drosophila

Artem A. Ilyin, Anna D. Kononkova, Anastasia Golova, Viktor V. Shloma, Oxana M. Olenkina, Valentina V. Nenasheva, Yuri A. Abramov, Alexei A. Kotov, Daniil A. Maksimov, Petr P. Laktionov, Alexey Pindyurin, Aleksandra A. Galitsyna, Sergey Ulianov, Ekaterina E. Khrameeva, Mikhail S. Gelfand, Stepan N. Belyakin, Sergey Razin, Yuri Y. Shevelyov

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Eukaryotic chromosomes are spatially segregated into topologically associating domains (TADs). Some TADs are attached to the nuclear lamina (NL) through lamina-associated domains (LADs). Here, we identified LADs and TADs at two stages of Drosophila spermatogenesis - in bamΔ86 mutant testes which is the commonly used model of spermatogonia (SpG) and in larval testes mainly filled with spermatocytes (SpCs). We found that initiation of SpC-specific transcription correlates with promoters' detachment from the NL and with local spatial insulation of adjacent regions. However, this insulation does not result in the partitioning of inactive TADs into sub-TADs. We also revealed an increased contact frequency between SpC-specific genes in SpCs implying their de novo gathering into transcription factories. In addition, we uncovered the specific X chromosome organization in the male germline. In SpG and SpCs, a single X chromosome is stronger associated with the NL than autosomes. Nevertheless, active chromatin regions in the X chromosome interact with each other more frequently than in autosomes. Moreover, despite the absence of dosage compensation complex in the male germline, randomly inserted SpG-specific reporter is expressed higher in the X chromosome than in autosomes, thus evidencing that non-canonical dosage compensation operates in SpG.

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ЖурналNucleic Acids Research
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