Combustion of a Plane Hydrogen Microjet at Subsonic and Supersonic Speeds

V. V. Kozlov, G. R. Grek, Yu A. Litvinenko, A. G. Shmakov, V. V. Vikhorev

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Abstract: In this paper, we presented the results of experimental studies of the diffusion combustion of a plain hydrogen microjet flowing from a slit micronozzle at subsonic and supersonic speeds. For the first time, four scenarios of diffusion combustion of a plain hydrogen microjet including supersonic combustion in the presence of supersonic cells in both air and hydrogen are presented. The stabilization of the subsonic combustion of a hydrogen microjet was established to be due to the presence of a “flame constriction region,” while the stabilization of the supersonic combustion of a microjet was found to be associated with the presence of supersonic cells. The observed hysteresis of diffusion combustion of a plain hydrogen microjet depends on both the method of igniting the microjet (near or far from the nozzle exit) and the direction of change in the rate of its outflow (growth or reduction).

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