CO-free hydrogen production from decomposition of formic acid over Au/Al2O3 catalysts doped with potassium ions

Dmitri A. Bulushev, Monika Zacharska, Yina Guo, Sergey Beloshapkin, Andrey Simakov

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Doping of a 2.5 wt.% Au/Al2O3catalyst with potassium ions (3 wt.%) leads to a significantly increased rate by > 1 order of magnitude of decomposition of formic acid at 358 K as compared to an undoped catalyst with the same mean Au particle size (2.6 nm). The doped catalyst gave stable and CO-free (< 10 ppm CO) hydrogen production. The mechanism of the reaction changed. This was provided by a significantly increased content of a reaction intermediate – formate ions (HCOO) controlled by K+counterions in formic acid condensed in the pores of the catalyst.

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ЖурналCatalysis Communications
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