Check-list of Odonata of the Russian Federation

Elena I. Malikova, Oleg E. Kosterin

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A check-list of 152 species and 168 subspecies of Odonata known from the territory of Russian Federation and their occurrence in its seven main eco-geographical regions (European part, Caucasus, Ural, West Siberian Lowland, South Siberia, North-East Asia and southern Far East) is presented in tabular form. First reliable reports of particular species for particular regions made after latest summarising monographic publications referring to those regions are referenced. Dubious reports are not mentioned. Taxonomically and otherwise complicated cases are commented. The highest diversity of 91 species (59.9% of the fauna) is found in southern Far East of Russia; Caucasus, European part, South Siberia and Ural show moderately rich faunas of 81,80,75 and 74 species, respectively; the fauna of West Siberian Plain is poor (56 species) and that of North-East Asia very poor (39 species).

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