The first imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope as a part of the TAIGA (Tunka Advanced Instrument for cosmic rays and Gamma Astronomy) detector was put into commission in the Tunka valley in December 2016. The reflector of the telescope follows the Davis-Cotton design. It is composed of 34 glassmirror tiles, each of 60 cm diameter, and has a diameter of 4.3 m. The focal length is 4.75 m. The imaging camera includes 560 photomultiplier-based pixels, providing a FoV of ∼10×10 degrees. The imaging camera is made by using a modular principle and includes trigger, data acquisition and processing systems based on MAROC3 chips. The slow control system monitors the count rate and the PMT anode currents as well as controls the high voltage. For monitoring performance of the camera a dedicated calibration system based on nanosecond pulsed LED light source was developed.

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