Bronze plaques from northern Kyrgyzstan with representations of horsemen

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We describe bronze plaques representing armed horsemen, found in the Issyk-Kul Basin and in the Chuya valley, northern Kyrgyzstan, and owned by public and private museums in Bishkek. Similar plaques from southern Siberia and Central Asia have been described by many Russian, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolian historians and archaeologists. A formal classification of the plaques is proposed, and their chronology, cultural attribution, andfunction are assessed. Such items, associated with early medieval Turkic-speaking nomads of Tian Shan and Semirechye, are similar to those worn by the Yenisei Kyrgyz of the Minusinsk Basin in southern Siberia, by the Kimek of the steppe Altai and the Upper Irtysh in Kazakhstan, by the Karluk of southwestern Central Asia, and by other Turkic tribes inhabiting areas from the Urals to Mongolia.

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