Biological analogs of infrainguinal arteries: Evolution and development prospects (review)

Irina Y. Zhuravleva, A. S. Zhuravleva, M. O. Zhulkov, N. P. Aleshkovich, A. M. Karaskov

    Результат исследования: Научные публикации в периодических изданияхобзорная статьярецензирование


    Currently, the gold standard of plastic material for infrainguinal artery replacement is still autovein, however, not infrequently the necessity for prostheses arises. The review presents the characteristics of xeno- and allogenic prostheses for lower limb arteries, which have been used in vascular surgery worldwide since 1960-ies till the present. There have been analyzed the clinical results with the bioprostheses, their advantages and disadvantages being discussed. We have shown that the approach based on chemically cross-linked human and animal tissues used for bioprostheses is limited in its further development. We have studied the evolution of tissue engineering vascular grafts (TEVG), and carried out a critical review of current state of the issue, and presented further paths of its development.

    Язык оригиналаанглийский
    Страницы (с-по)217-226
    Число страниц10
    ЖурналSovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine
    Номер выпуска4
    СостояниеОпубликовано - 2017


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