Bibliometric analysis of publications on post-nonciassical psychology in RSCI

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This research aims to present a bibliometric analysis of articles related to post-non-classical psychology and indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index. Two databases of such publications were created. The first base includes scientific articles met the following criteria: (1) they are published before 2018; (2) they contain the morpheme "post-nonclas∗" in the title, the abstract and/or in the key words; (3) their subject area is psychology. The first publication meeting these criteria was published in 2000. The second base was created on the basis of the first one by including documents relating to post-nonclassical psychology by virtue of belonging to certain psychological theories (cultural-analytical approach, theory of psychological systems and system-subjective approach) or discussing it in the text. The first base contains 249 publications, the second one-335. It is shown that the number of publications related to post-nonclassical psychology grows steadily over time, with the majority of authors (72%) writing only one article. Three thematic clusters in the base 2 are highlighted by constructing the terms map based on keyword analysis. They correspond to the cultural- A nalytical approach, the theory of psychological systems and the system-subject approach. The cluster that corresponds to the system-subjective approach is absent on the terms map built for the base 1. It may indicate that disciples of that approach rarely identify themselves with post-nonclassical psychology. It is shown that the largest collaboration of authors is associated with the theory of psychological systems. It was revealed that the share of publications on post-nonclasslcal psychology is below 1 % of all scientific psychological articles and the majority of studies are theoretical. It was concluded that the statement that contemporary Russian psychology is already a post-nonclassical science is not supported by quantitative bibliometric data.

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