Asymptotically most powerful tests for random number generators

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The problem of constructing the most powerful test for random number generators (RNGs) is considered, where the generators are modelled by stationary ergodic processes. At present, RNGs are widely used in data protection, modelling and simulation systems, computer games, and in many other areas where the generated random numbers should look like binary numbers of a Bernoulli equiprobable sequence. Another problem considered is that of constructing effective statistical tests for random number generators (RNG). Currently, effectiveness of statistical tests for RNGs is mainly estimated based on experiments with various RNGs. We find an asymptotic estimate for the p-value of an optimal test in the case where the alternative hypothesis is a known stationary ergodic source, and then describe a family of tests each of which has the same asymptotic estimate of the p-value for any (unknown) stationary ergodic source. This model appears to be acceptable for binary sequences generated by physical devices that are used in cryptographic data protection systems.

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ЖурналJournal of Statistical Planning and Inference
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