Approbation of "oxford happiness questionnaire" on the Russian sample

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    The study is devoted to adaptation of Russian language version of Oxford Happiness Questionnaire intended for subjective well-being level evaluation. The sample consists of 817 persons (M = 22.9; a = 8.7), with 227 males and 590 females among them. Test-retest reliability of the questionnaire obtained in a three months period is rather high (r =0.802; p < 0.001). Internal consistency is high (Cronbach's alpha is 0.893). Validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by means of correlations with scales that theoretically are connected with the subjective well-being construct. The scale's indices negative correlations with the intensity of depressive symptomatology (Beck's Depression Inventory), level of anxiety (scale of personal anxiety by Spielberger-Khanin personal anxiety scale), hypochondria and neuroticism (from MMPI and NEO-PI) and positive correlations with indices of other questionnaires for subjective well-being measurement (K. Riffs scales of psychological well-being, Lyubomirsky's scale of subjective well-being) and the level of extraversion (NEO-PI) are indicative of its validity.

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