Application of boolean-valued models and FCA for the development of ontological models

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The paper is devoted to the development of methods of ontology supported knowledge discovery in the field of mobile network subscribers. We develop the ontological model of the domain of mobile networks. This ontological model is intended to describe the behavior of mobile network subscribers. The ontological model is based on the four-level model of knowledge representation. In the paper, special attention is given to the third level which represents the set of cases from the domain. For the analysis of domain cases and for the generation of fuzzy knowledge about the domain we use Boolean-valued models, fuzzy models and Formal Concept Analysis. To describe the set of cases from the domain we use formal contexts; objects of these formal contexts are models representing sets of subscribers. We study formal contexts generated by Boolean-valued models, and formal concepts of these formal contexts. We obtain a description of theories of classes of domain cases in the language of formal concepts.

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