Analysis of mean and fluctuating helicity measured by TomoPIV in swirling jet

Rodion Stepanov, Peter Frick, Vladimir Dulin, Dmitriy Markovich

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Important role of helicity was theoretically predicted for the generation of large-scale magnetic fields and atmospheric vortices. Helicity can lead to a reduction of turbulent dissipation in the atmosphere or in a specific constrained flow, e.g. in pipe. We use the TomoPIV data (42 cube of grid points, resolution 0.84 mm) to measure 3D velocity field of turbulent swirling flows. We study spatial distribution of the mean and fluctuating components of energy and helicity. We find that helical turbulence excitation and decay along stream of the jet strongly depend on the inflow swirl. We observe spatial separation of turbulent flow with different sign of helicity while integrated values are conserves. It is shown that large scale swirling flow induces helicity at the small scales. Our results bring valuable materials for benchmark the modern numerical simulations with turbulent closure technique.

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Номер статьи02097
ЖурналEPJ Web of Conferences
СостояниеОпубликовано - 4 июн. 2018
Событие12th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics, EFM 2017 - Mikulov, Чехия
Продолжительность: 21 нояб. 201724 нояб. 2017


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