An overview of the Eight International Olympiad in Cryptography ''Non-Stop University CRYPTO''

A. A. Gorodilova, N. N. Tokareva, S. V. Agievich, I. I. Beterov, T. Beyne, L. Budaghyan, C. Carlet, S. Dhooghe, V. A. Idrisova, N. A. Kolomeec, A. V. Kutsenko, E. S. Malygina, N. Mouha, M. A. Pudovkina, F. Sica, A. N. Udovenko

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Non-Stop University CRYPTO is the International Olympiad in Cryptography that was held for the eight time in 2021. Hundreds of university and school students, professionals from 33 countries worked on mathematical problems in cryptography during a week. The aim of the Olympiad is to attract attention to curious and even open scientific problems of modern cryptography. In this paper, problems and their solutions of the Olympiad'2021 are presented. We consider 19 problems of varying difficulty and topics: ciphers, online machines, passwords, binary strings, permutations, quantum circuits, historical ciphers, elliptic curves, masking, implementation on a chip, etc. We discuss several open problems on quantum error correction, finding special permutations and s-Boolean sharing of a function, obtaining new bounds on the distance to affine vectorial functions.

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Число страниц29
ЖурналSiberian Electronic Mathematical Reports
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2022

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