An Experimental Study of Ultra-Wide-Band and Ultra-Wide-Aperture Non-Collinear Acousto-Optic Diffraction in an Optically Biaxial Potassium Arsenate Titanyl Crystal

M. G. Milkov, V. B. Voloshinov, L. I. Isaenko, V. N. Vedenyapin

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Acousto-optic interaction in an optically biaxial crystalline medium under propagation of light close to one of the optical axes of a potassium arsenate titanyl KTiOAsO4 crystal has been studied. The experimental dependences of the intensity of a diffracted optical beam on the angle of light incidence on an ultrasonic wave have been obtained. It has been shown that a flat cut of a wave-vector surface provides development of an ultra-wide-aperture and ultra-wide-band acousto-optic deflector to control radiation in the visible and infrared electromagnetic spectral ranges.

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ЖурналMoscow University Physics Bulletin
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