All-fiber holmium distributed feedback laser at 2.07 μm

A. A. Wolf, M. I. Skvortsov, V. A. Kamynin, I. V. Zhluktova, S. R. Abdullina, A. V. Dostovalov, V. B. Tsvetkov, S. A. Babin

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In this Letter, we present the results on fabrication and investigation of a holmium (Ho) distributed fiber laser based on a π-phase-shifted FBG inscribed in a heavily Ho-doped fiber by IR femtosecond laser pulses. Single-polarization and single-transverse mode operation regimes were observed with a linewidth of the order of 10 kHz and output power up to 53 mW at 2.07 μm. Lasing regimes are compared for room and cryogenic (77 K) temperatures of the laser cavity. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first realization of such type of fiber laser based on holmium active medium.

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ЖурналOptics Letters
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