Age-induced change of the trace element profile of lymph nodes of different localization

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The purpose is a research of content of microelements in regional lymph nodes.
Material and methods. An object of a research is inguinal, mesenteric and tracheobronchial lymph nodes of 120 white rats of Wistar of different age (young and old animals). The content of trace elements (Se, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn) in lymph nodes was defined by the X-ray fluorescent method with the use of synchrotron radiation.
Results. The optimum content of microelements at young animals is redistributed between regional lymph nodes with forming of an individual microelement profile. It reflects features somatic and visceral lymphatic regions. Aging leads to forming of a new microelement profile in lymph nodes at development of deficit of bio-elements and insufficient function of lymph nodes. The content of microelements in regional lymph nodes of old animals is redistributed differently, than at young animals.
Conclusion. The received results confirm implementation of the principle of a regional determinant concerning microelement balance of lymph nodes of the different periods of life.
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