Age differences in oscillatory brain activity during searching for the solution of divergent problem in physiological aging

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Aging is characterized by a reorganization of neural brain activity during cognition. At the moment, neurophysiological mechanisms underlying creative thinking in aging are hardly studied. In the present study, we analyzed the synchronization/desynchronization of EEG (ERS/ERD) induced by solving problem "Unusual use of the subject" in the theta-beta frequency ranges in the subjects of the younger (YA, N= 82, 22.1 ± 3.2 years) and elderly (EA, N= 84, 64.9 ± 6.7years) age groups, taking into account the level of originality. The middle time interval of creative problem solvmg, which is related to processes of generation and selection of preliminary ideas, was considered. The spatial localization of age differences was determined using the sLORETA method. Higher level of power reactivity in right hemisphere as compared with the left one was revealed in alpha-1, 2 and beta-1 rhythms in all subjects. Age differences in biopotentials of theta and beta-1 frequency ranges were found. Analysis of current source density estimates has revealed localization of larger theta ERS in EA as compared with YA in the middle cingulate gyrus and paracentral lobule. It was found that beta-1 ERD was more pronounced in EA in comparison with YA with localization of the effect in precentrai, postcentral gyrus and middle cingulate cortex. Age differences that were mediated by level of originality were identified: higher alpha ERS in more original elderly group as compared with both less original elderly and more original young participants. It was concluded that processes related to top-down control are important for originality in the elderly during searching for solution of divergent problem.

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