Adducts of platinum(IV) nitrate complexes with 15-crown-5 ether

P. A. Topchiyan, D. B. Vasilchenko, I. A. Baidina, I. V. Korolkov

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The possibility of isolating platinum(IV) nitrate complexes to the solid phase from a nitric acid solution of platinum in the form of adducts with dibenzo-18-crown-6, 15-crown-5, and 12-crown-4 ether is studied. It is found that when nitric acid solutions containing 15-crown-5 ether (15-C-5) are evaporated, a polycrystalline product consisting of mainly a mixture of phases with the compositions (H3O⊂15-C-5)2[Pt(NO3)6] (1), (H3O⊂15-C-5)2(15-C-5)[Pt(NO3)6]·2H2O (2), and (15-C-5)[Pt43-OH)22-OH)4(NO3)10]·3H2O (3) is formed. The structure of the mentioned compounds is established by single crystal X-ray diffraction. In the case of dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether, the interaction with a nitric acid solution of platinum results in the formation of a poorly soluble tetranitro derivative of macrocyclic ether. Evaporation of nitric acid solutions of platinum containing 12-crown-4 ether does not allow the preparation of a solid crystalline phase. [MediaObject not available: see fulltext.]

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Страницы (с-по)1422-1431
Число страниц10
ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
Номер выпуска9
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 сент. 2020


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